Learn About Priddy Girls LLC

Established in 2011, Priddy Girls LLC in Atlanta, GA is on its way to becoming a household name. Our collection is classified into many categories including: Priddy Girl Plus, Priddy Girl Elite, Priddy Girl Classic, Priddy Babies, and a Priddy Girl Doll. Additionally, we have added The Clubhouse a Boys gaming room and party club. If you are interested in more boys themed parties please visit us at www.thepartyplayground.com.

Mark of Excellence

Priddy Girls LLC first hit the scene with the classic baby tees that became popular for girls and women around the world. Since then, we have committed to quality, style, and comfort while providing a personal statement to every girl who wears our clothes.

For our customers, we deliver a universal message that transcends stereotypes and ethnic boundaries. Setting the new standard in popular doll creation and everyday wear, we aim to establish ourselves as a complete lifestyle brand.

Giving Back to the Community

Our goal is to provide scholarships and rewards for those who are seeking to go to college or who want to continue in college. In addition, we create customized dream birthday parties. We also partner with organizations such as Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta and The Susan G. Komen Foundation and Girl Scouts so we can give wonderful gifts to children  who can’t leave the hospital and money to find a cure for cancer.

If you would ever like to sponsor a doll for a child or partner with us, please reach out to a doll consultant at 678-361-2629.